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situation room." happening now. iran says he was kidnapped by the united states. the u.s. calls that claim preposterous. what's the real story behind the iranian scientist's now turned up at the pakistani embassy. >>> the legendary owner of the new york yankees, george steinbrenner. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> at some point perhaps in the next hour we could see the beginning of the end of that big dark gush over oil that's been tainting the gulf of mexico for 85 days. we're standing by for testing to begin on the new cap bp placed on its ruptured wellhead. over the course of those tests we should learn if the leak is sealed and the oil is stopped. even if that happens, there should still be plenty of oil left in the gulf to clean up. we've been getting an exclusive look at one of the most high-tech weapons to take care of the spill. ines, tell us what you're been discover. >> reporter: over the past few weeks they've been flying overhead to see where the oil was. they were doing it with technology that wasn't intended for this purpose and we've been able to get ex
several u.s. lawmakers suggesting bp was involved in, get, this securing the release of a man who blew up a passenger jet over lockerbie; in fact bp officials did tell the british government they were concerned how long it was taking to release the so-called lockerbie bomber. that's according to a bp spokesman. you may remember last year when scotland released a convicted terrorist on compassion grounds after a doctor said he only had a short time to live. well, is he still very much alive. doctors treating him in libya say he could survive for many years you may remember he killed nearly 200 americans in 1988. today a bp spokesman said company officials spoke with the government because as the spokesman put it,. spokesman claims bp was not involved in the release. senators from new york and new jersey are apparently not satisfied with that explanation. the british government turned down their request to investigate al megrahi's release. one of the senators, the democrat frank lautenberg from new jersey wrote in a letter to the committee: as you may know, after they pushed for the release
-military spending in to that bill. the u.s. trade deficit widened by 4.8% in may to $42.3 billion. that's the highest level in 18 months. job openings dropped in may to $3.3 million to $3.2 million. layoffs were up slightly. wall street hot streak continued today. dow gained 146 3/4. s&p 500 added more than 16 1/2. the nasdaq was up 43 2/3. federal judge in new york cleared for trial the first guantanamo bay detainee to be prosecuted in a civilian court. the judge ruled that galahni's five-year detention and two-year interrogation were not grounds for dismissal. the mental image many people have of the guantanamo bay facility is probably pretty grim. national correspondent catherine herridge shows us tonight reality is quite different. >> detainee dumping the dirt is actually gardening. for the 181 detainees remaining at guantanamo bay, the quality of life is apparently improving. playstation, board games, nintendo, there are more ways than ever to pass the time. popular titles in the library include harry potter and "twilight" a series about teen angst and vampires. by contrast, convic
the recession butc u.s. economy'sñr recovery.ñté:uk report, the sector faces some uncertainty for the rest of the year. >> reporter: the basic materials sector could be the comeback kid when firms report second-quartfbñr earnings. companies in that sector make everything from steel4p!o . thomson reuters estimates profits for the 32 basic materials companies in the s&p 500 index will top $6 billionÑi in the secondÑi quarter. that's nearly double what they made a year ago during the depth of the reception when-- recessionçó when some basic materials companies lost money. analysts say the segment is benefitting from the u.s.e@6hce they also admit the recoveryñr has been anemic. that isçóÑi reflected in the dow jones u.s. basic materials sector index.1f itÑi took off in the beginning of the year as factory orders increaseÑi on signs theçó economy was improving.Ñi butÑi theñr index tanked in theú crisis in europe could spread here.Ñi kimberlieñr dubord follows it for she says the sector has been improving in recent week bus there is still concern about our eco
there has been, and continued to be some layoffs of our u.s.-based crews. >> susie: certainly there have been some economic consequences here. it seems like the latest moratorium is focusing more on the safety aspects. let's look at what ken salazar said about this yesterday. he said "i remain open to modifying the new deepwater drilling suspension. but industry must raise the bar on its practices, on deepwater safety, and the oil spill response." so has your company made any changes in its safety procedures to deal with these kind of situations? >> well, yes, we have. almost immediately we began reviewing the procedures that we had in place. we don't have a full accounting yet of what happened on the horizon, but from events and data that has been released, we were able to concentrate on key areas and make sure that we had adequate procedures, adequate training of pena people in those areas. additionally, the industry began several studies and made recommendations to secretary salazar on immediate steps that could be made to improve safety. i think most of those are in place already. pr
the earthquake. shortly after the earthquake the u.s. government announced they were going to grant temporary protected status. they're talking about giving haitians who have not been applying for it and the numbers the u.s. would have liked -- going back to your larger question. one thing i have noticed is there is more compassion on the part of the u.s. government toward haiti. and toward the policy that the u.s. is 6000. a lot of haitians will tell you if it meant a lot when president obama said we will be there for as long as it takes and will do whatever it takes to get haiti on its feet again. haitians are looking at that to say, we will take you at your word. let's see how we can work together to build a haiti that is much better than the one in existence on january 11. tavis: me it took the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives tuesday that u.s. compassion come to bear. what is your sense of how the haitian people are feeling about this situation? tell me what your senses. >> one of the things that i say about the haitian people as i have been there four times since the earthquake, i
off today's talks with u.s.-lead united nations command about the deadly sinking of a south korean ship. an hour before the meeting north korea asked for a delay for, quote, administrative reasons. south korea, the u.s., and other nations accuse north korea of torpedoing the ship killing 46 sailors. pyongyang denies the charge. >>> film director roman polanski is a free man after switzerland rejected a u.s. request for an extradition in a three-decade-old child sex case. soon after polanski left his swiss chalet where he had been under house arrest since december. swiss authorities say u.s. authorities didn't provide confidential plans about polanski's sentence. polanski still remains wanted in the united states. >>> several u.s. senators are questioning whether there's a connection between the release of the lockerbie bomber and bp's oil deals with libya. the law maimers spoke out after reports that commercial interests were behind the freeing of the man. last month bp said it would begin drilling off libya's coast. he was sentenced to prison in 1988 after the pan am crash that ki
this this is the beginning of the end. good to see you, thanks so much. >>> another potential embarrassment for bp. u.s. lawmakers suggest the company may have been involved in the release of the lockerbie bomber last year. the man's name is abdel baset al-megrahi. a court convicted him in 1988 for the bombing of the pan am flight that killed 270, most americans. he served eight years of a life sentence last year when doctors said he had a little while to live. they may have said a few months. britain released him on compassionate grounds. he's alive and doctors say he could live many more years. four u.s. senators from new york and new jersey say been may have lobbied for release of this man as part of its deal to get an oil contribute with libya. with by the way is now has. he was released, bp got the contract. the british government denied a request to investigate the release. now lawmakers are pushing the state department to press great britain on the issue. no word on whether the state department plans to follow the senator's request but we know that in fact bp did push for his release and that of
chairman, patrick leahy approved the request. >>> the u.s. says a missing iranian scientist will be allowed to return to his homeland. sheram disappeared in june of 2009. iran has repeatedly claimed he was kidnapped by the u.s. the state department says he has been in the u.s. on his own free will. >>> the u.s. has detained a 12th person now in the russian spy ring investigation. federal law enforcement officials don't have enough evidence to charge him with a crime. he is being held on immigration violations right now and was expected to be deported from the u.s. later in the day. one of the key figures in the u.s., russian spy swap has had her british citizenship revoked. 28-year-old anna chapman was among ten suspects who pleaded guilty in new york last week and were deported. chapman, whose photos made her a new york tabloid sensation held both uk passport through her marriage to a british man. the couple later divorced. >>> doing more to prevent childhood drownings. that was the message from cullen jones. the gold medal winner went to a pool where a six-year-old girl drowned last month
. they will consider collecting the money through regular rate increases instead. >>> still to come, russian spies. u.s. authorities have detained a 12th person in connection with the recently exposed russian spy ring. >>> iphone issues. consumers report weighs in on the problem with apple's widely popular new smartphone. please take another live look outside. your complete first warning forecast is still coming up. ,, >>> the united states has detain add 12th person in connection with that russian spy ring. the person will be deport frltd u.s -- from the u.s. sometime today. the man is not charged with any crime. last week 10 people were sent back in exchange for four people accused of spying for the west. >>> police said the gunman who opened fire was in a bitter dispute with his dpoif. he killed two people at the plant in albuquerque before killing himself. he reportedly told workers she was going to report it before the shooting. >>> consumers report is buying apple's explanation on the phones. apple says it's dropping calls and the company blamed a formula. the magazine will not give the phone a r
. >> sreenivasan: the u.s. trade deficit hit an 18-month peak in may. the commerce department reported the trade gap widened nearly 5% to $42.3 billion. imports and exports were up, but the import surge indicated consumers could spend more down the road. that news, combined with good second quarter earnings reports, translated on wall street. the dow jones industrial average gained more than 146 points to close at 10,363. the nasdaq rose 43 points to close at 2,242. b.p. prepared to begin gradual tests of its new, tighter containment cap on the blown-out oil well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. for the first time in months, news about the efforts to contain the spill struck a positive note. >> it's been a very consequential 24 hours in the lifecycle of this response. >> sreenivasan: the freshly installed cap maneuvered into place monday evening. remote-controlled robotic arms slowly placed it over the gushing well, a mile below the gulf's surface. retired coast guard admiral thad allen is in charge of the government response. >> i think we are very confident we can take control of this hydr
to the u.s. to finally face justice. nbc's stephanie gosk following the case from msnbc headquarters in new york. so what's going on here? is he ever going to face criminal charges from the u.s. justice system? >> reporter: he could still, chuck, right now. he won't be arrested again in switzerland. he can go back to france. france does not extradite the citizens. he is a citizen there. there are other countries in the world with extradition treaties with the u.s. and should he travel to one of those countries then u.s. officials say they're going to pursue an extradition. so he is not -- he is by no means free and clear. but for the moment, he's no longer under house arrest. you know, the officials both in l.a. and washington had quite a bit to say about this yesterday. the los angeles district attorney called this a disservice to justice and at the state department a spokesman there said this. >> 13-year-old girl was drugged and raped by an adult. this is not a matter of technicality. >> reporter: this is the issue. when he says not a matter of technicality, the swiss officials saying bec
in 2009 during a pilgrimage to saudi arabia. he repeatedly claimed the u.s. abducted him. the u.s. denies it. we're showing you iranian state tv video where a guy identified as amiri claims he was being tortured in the united states, but a different video shows him admitting to studying here. the u.s. says that the videos prove that he was living here freely and will be allowed to return to iran freely. >>> new information today about missing kyron horman. was his step mother having a relationship with a neighbor down the street and does it have anything to do with the boy's disappearance? >>> and the iroquois may help the sport of lacrosse and play in separate tournaments, but a visa dispute could force them to miss the biggest tournament of all, the world lacrosse championships. they join us ahead. [ bleep ] >> you understand that? because i'm capable of it! do you understand that? >> mad as mel. new recordings reportedly of the actor lashing out at the mother of his baby. >>> plus, we're waiting for president obama to announce his choice for a new budget director. live coverage ahead o
. the operation is said to be the biggest of its kind in recent years in the u.s. >> >> this was a huge operation. with the gang is based, the rest of the rest are in the north of the city -- italy. until now we have not really -- had not really realize that the mafia had infiltrated. arms trafficking and drug dealing, the additional twist in this one is how they are infiltrating local businesses and politics. not just a trip -- criminal gang up to its usual tricks. this is an organized gang trying to infiltrate local politics in the north of italy. making it exceptionally difficult for authorities to get into. >> pakistan has confirmed that an iranian scientists has taken refuge in their washington embassy. he wants to return to iran immediately. iranian officials have long maintained that he was kidnapped by u.s. agents. u.s. sources said that he was revealing details of them about the tehran nuclear program. the u.n. says they are deeply disappointed about this week -- swiss decision not to extradite the film director, roman polanski. washington said they would continue to pursue charges. aust
filmmaker roman polanski is a free man this morning. switzerland refused an extradition request from the u.s. yesterday. polanski fled los angeles in 1977, after pleading guilty to having sex with a teenager. the u.s. says it will continue to seek custody of polanski. >>> another blow for mel gibson in another shocking audiotape. >> the recordings of the angry actor just do not seem to end now. radaronline, has obtained conversations between gibson and his former girlfriend. holding up the ipad now. you can hear the tapes again on he was captured on tape. using racial slurs as part of the conversation. >> this comes as gibson is the focus of a domestic violence investigation, by the l.a. county sheriff's department. tune into "good morning america." they will air portions of these tapes, edited versions, of course. much of the recordings can't be heard or aired on live television. >> extremely disturbing. >>> other news now. some harsh words from cleveland cavaliers owner dan gilbert are going to cost him. gilbert called lebron james, narcissistic and cowardly last week. and
oil drilling off the u.s. coastline. the new ban would run until november 30th if it gets legal challenges. federal courts rejected the administration's first drilling moratorium. >>> it does appear a deadly shooting rampage in new mexico was triggered by a child custody battle. it began outside a factory in albuquerque. robert reza shot and wounded his girlfriend and then entered the plant where he killed two and wounded three more before taking his own life. he fired up to 25 shots. his girlfriend is in critical condition. >>> now to the controversial diabetes drug avandia. today a panel begins two days of hearings on whether to pull the medication off the market. numerous studies have linked avandia to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. armen keteyian reports. >> we started her on avandia -- >> reporter: for dr. mary money, the medical alarm first sounded in her office 11 years ago. shortly after this country doctor first started prescribing a new diabetes drug. >> avandia has helped keep my blood sugar down for about a year now. >> the first patient that i put on the
with emily but came back to the u.s. a few days earlier are determined to continue their work in uganda. >> i am definitely going back now. i need to go back and just see all my friends there. >> god is bigger than evil. and that good comes from god. >> i am thankful to be alive. because if i would have been sitting two seats to the left i would have lost my life. because our friend becky, she's from uganda, she didn't make it. >> reporter: there are at least four missionaries with the maryland teenager who are all getting treatment. they are all expected to survive, we do not know when they will be back in the u.s. >> okay, kelly. thank you very much. this is the first time terrorist groups has attacked outside of somalia. today the group promises to kill again if troops do not leave uganda. >>> teshambe shot brown two times at a club. >>> rape suspect on the lose, police are asking for you help to find this man anthony robinson. robinson forced a 24-year-old woman into his car. he then allegedly drove her to a secluded area where he allegedly raped her. anyone with information is asked to c
to you. >>> thank you very much. we turn now to a developing story. the u.s. has picked up a 12 per cent in the russian spy ring case. officials said the man is 23 years old, a russian citizen. law-enforcement says the u.s. does not have enough evidence to charge him. he may be deported to russia later today. 10 of the russian agents were sent to russia last week after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges. president barack obama has a new national strategy for fighting hiv and aids. administration officials are unveiling the plan today at the white house. it calls for reducing the rate of new hiv infections by 25% over the but -- next five years, as well as getting treatment to 85% of patients within three months of their diagnosis. >>> can republicans take back control of the house? the 2010 elections are still four months today but a new poll out today have democrats in washington feeling pretty worried. brie and carter brings it -- breaks it down. >> in the 19 months since president barack obama took office, but political climate has changed and it appears some of the opinions of som
, quote, administrative reasons. south korea, the u.s., and other nations accuse north crey of torpedoing the ship killing 46 sailors. pyongyang denies the charge. >>> roman polanski is a free man after switzerland asked for his extradition in a child sex case. soon after he left his swiss chalet where he had been under house arrest since december. swiss authorities say u.s. authorities didn't provide confidential plans. he still remains wanted in the united states. >>> several u.s. senators are questioning whether there's a connection between the release of the lockerbie bomber and bp's oil deals with libya. they spoke out after reports of personal interests were behind the freeg of the man. last month they said they would begin drilling off libya's coast. he was sentenced to prison in 1988 after the pan am crash that killed 270 people bus was released after a terminal cancer diagnosis. a year and a half later, he's still alive. >>> an archaeology in jerusalem have uncovered the oldest ever sample ofwrighting found in the holy city. the artifact dates back 3,400 years to the 14th century
harris-moore could be on the plane to the u.s. in less than an hour from now. the teenaged fugitive went before a judge only moments ago and pleaded guilty to a minor charge and was facing a slew of charges including weapons possession but he pleaded guilty to entering the bahamas without a passport. peter alexander is following the developments for us from nassau, bahamas, is that it? he now comes to the states to face charges? >> reporter: he can and after he pleaded guilty which was surprising to most of the reporters in the room, he was told by the judge that he had two choices, he could pay $300 or face three months in one of the prisons here in the bahamas. it is a tough spot and certainly something his attorney said is something he doesn't want to do. if they pay $300, the court clerk says he could be taken to a plane and extradited from the country almost immediately. right now we're working to get exact information on where he would be taken. he faces charges in at least eight states for what is said to be more than 100 crimes. when he walked into the courtroom, hs a big guy, he
. >>> a valuable clue is found, what it says about a new wave of al-qaeda terror that could have its sights on u.s. targets. >>> lawrence taylor playing defense like he's never had to before. what the football hall of famer can expect this morning when he goes before the judge. bill: right about 9:30 new york, top story, a mile beneath the surface of the gulf of mexico, bp now testing the valves in the new and tighter cap on the gushing wefplt that's why you see gushing oil still coming out of that pipe. it might be another 48 hours before we go if the latest attempt to plug the busted well works or not. >>> reports this morning that yank he's owner george steinbrenner is in the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack, steinbrenner listed in critical condition, just celebrating his 80th birthday on the fourth of july. opening bell on wall street, went down a moment a.98 points to the upside for the dow 30 so far based on better than expected reports on corporate earnings, so the companies are making more money. we'll see whether or not that translates to investor, whether or not that helps
the application remains to be seen. >> of course, wonder how the supplies in u.s., back in april facebook did update its safety features in the u.s. here are four quick steps. go to account, go to help center, safety, then safety for teens. those are the four steps you have to take. >> as with so many of these changes it all stems from a tragic incident. this one in the uk, a 17-year-old girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered. they realize -- this guy posed as someone else on facebook. they realize these changes have to happen. we'll be right back with angelina jolie, stick around. man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. the wishes of thousands of children are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at >>> angelina jolie seems to have it all. considered one of the most stunning women in the world, no argument there. >> cynthia mcfadden sat down with jolie to talk about her new movie role and her life with brad pitt. >> i'm innocent! somebody is getting me up! >> reporter: jolie plays the t
east. the u.s. government acknowledged today for the first time that he's been here in america. but now he says he wants to go home to iran. national security correspondent david martin fills in the story. >> reporter: rarely is the human drama of espionage put on such public display. dr. thatram amiri, an iranian scientist who defected to the u.s. with secrets about his country's nuclear program wants to go home and face whatever that hard-line regime has in store for him. in an interview with iranian t.v., he said he could explain everything. about what he called "my ordeal over the past 14 months." the u.s. says "it's your life." >> mr. amiri has been in the united states of his own free will and he is free to go. >> reporter: that's not how amiri told it when he first popped up on iranian t.v. last april. he claimed he'd been kidnapped by the c.i.a. while on pilgrimage to mecca and tortured during eight months of captivity. he took that back in a second video, but amiri is clearly going through a personal crisis. >> it's hardedly example you want to set if you're trying to lure out
a look at his legacy. >> on capitol hill, inspections reveals thousands of safety hazards in the u.s. capitol. why has congress exempted itself from the laws it passed? we take a look. and about what's happening in the gulf? here's what you need to know -- florida has 825 miles of beaches... 1,260 miles of coastline. there are plenty of places in florida where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. see for yourself in real-time at florida live... webcams, daily video, beach updates and real photos to help you find your own florida beach. get the facts. go to florida live at >> tonight, the sports world is remembering an honor to sometimes grab as many headlines as his team. >> george steinbrenner died this morning at the age of 80. we have more from yankee stadium. >> in a city full of big personalities, george steinbrenner was one of the biggest. he died of a heart attack this morning. >> they went from a really bad team to one of the greatest teams in baseball. >> george steinbrenner to cover the team in 1983. one year later he was suspende
responsibility for the double bombings that killed at least 74, including one american. u.s. officials are investigating and helping the families of the injured get care. >> the f.b.i. and state department have been working hand in hand with the family and the hospital. >> reporter: now the friends and family back home are just hoping the ellicott city teen gets the care she needs, a safe trip home and that she can get past the horrible terror attack. >> she had just said five minutes prior to the blast she wanted to stay the summer. >> reporter: the friends back here hoping to get some word from her parents. their flight has been delayed but they finally got a flight out tonight. >> good news. we hope to have more good news on her condition. thank you. >>> fox 5 investigates and police officers said they were let go after reporting illegal activity inside their own department. maureen umeh joins us now with a preview of our exclusive investigation. >> reporter: four former new carrollton police officers just filed a lawsuit against the city they once protected. court documents say the
. to become what some have described as the netherlands of the u.s. if we do that we'll get the double win of saving our coast as well as diversifying our economy. i think that to the degree at the federal level we can institute programs and policies to help encourage things like coastal restoration, that make us a -- the best in the world, that's a long-term opportunity to have some good come out of this disaster. >> may i take a shot at your comments if i may? >> sure. >> please. the first thing that this could committee could do -- and your comments were right on point. there's not a lot we could do about the spill. it's in the hands of professionals. let's hope, as you said, that it gets done. make sure we get paid. i mean, it isn't any more complicated than that. i think our lose are going to be, you know, scrutinized. how do you demonstrate whether you would have been up or whether you would have been down? let's don't make it an argument or a long debate. let's give us the benefit of the doubt because i will assure you this. our claims will stop before the losses themselves stop. th
with he misspoke. thank you. a political attack turns really ugly on the west coast. a u.s. marine awarded a purple star not to mention a silver star, this picture from the attack that seriously wounded him. are his battle field injuries fair game for a political cartoon? a very serious debate after this break. a texas congressman angry antics. today we hear his reason why. >> don't accuse me of not saying the truth. i'm not going to take any ego, okay? and i can get more laps in. ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything. the new website helps me do everything. [ female announcer ] with aarp you get so much more out of life. ♪ discover the best of what's next at the new discover the best of what's next why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn'listen until
have donated. billions pledged by the u.s. government and other governments around the world. little of that money has actually arrived here, and signs of progress are hard to see. we're in haiti tonight, in the proud city of port-au-prince, a city still on its knees right now. many of the pictures you'll see in this hour could have been taken six months ago when the quake struck. rubble is still everywhere. human remains buried deep inside. there has been progress, it's hard to see. but many lives were saved because of the money you sent. disease outbreaks avoided. there's been no major civil unrest. kids are in school. that's the good news, but everyone involved in the rebuilding of haiti will tell you progress here is too slow, and tonight we're keeping them honest. we're going to talk with former president clinton, sean penn, who's running a camp here, and the real heros here, the people of haiti themselves who just want their futures to begin. >>> first, something that stunned us at the airport when we arrived yesterday. we've been asked by a relief group to bring in some suppli
and in a few hours, the pentagon will update operations in afghanistan. 36 u.s. and nato troops have died this month. june was the deadliest month. 102 coalition troops lost their lives. latest on the bombs in uganda. four people are under arrest they found a vest in the hall. that killed 76 people including one american. somali terror group has claimed responsibility. while you were sleeping, 3,000 police officers went door to door in italy busting more than 300 suspected mobsters. the suspects are believed to be part of the powerful calibria mob wanted on everything from murder to money laundering and the group recently expanded and now playing a role in the south american drug trade. give us some time, blago's lawyers will ask the judge to delay the trial for weeks so they can coordinate with the secret service for a high profile anonymous witness. prosecution expected to call its last witness today, an f.b.i. agent who says blago owed his lawyers more than $1.2 million in 2008 that made him desperate for the cash. moments ago, we learned authorities nabbed a 12th person in the russian
news is coming in around the world, the domestic desk covering the u.s., the foreign desk watching events around the world and our media desk, bringing in all the video and live pictures to you around the clock, here in the fox news room. jon: a fox news alert for you, adam -- admiral thad allen giving us an update now on that new tighter fitting containment cap on top of the leaking well in the gulf of mexico. let's listen in. >> a baseline from which we can detect any anomalies after we do the well integrity test regarding what happened to the seafloor. the sequence of events that will take place and start sometime after noon today, we are still i might add just the background, to have that vessel come through a sensitive akao*s -- the acoustic sensors requires everybody to clear out of the area, not only so they can have a very clear way to hear and do their sensing but also there are navigation issues and that's the reason it was done in daylight. we were going to do it yesterday but it was done at daylight. once everything is redeployed and back in the area, especially rob sup
: and while the debt crisis is absorbing the eurozone and the u.s. is overhauling its financial reform bill, kazakhstan is looking back on an orderly bank restructuring programme. >>the conference highlighted the fact that kazakhstan's survival and revival post crisis, is very relevant to the ongoing reorganization of u.s. and european banks. >>marcia favale tarter is the international advisor to the prime minister responsible for the bank restructuring. she says the success is due to its homegrown strategy of burden sharing... devised internally by kazakhstan. >>tarter: a key decision in having a burden-sharing approach was exactly not to burden the sovereign with additional debt. and because we were not out there raising money in inopportune times, the government was able to then completely participate in the recovery of the commodity cycle and we've seen that in the gdp growth of the country. >>reporter: this successful restructuring... where the investors become partners by providing them tools to recoup their losses... led some delegates to suggest it as a case study for debt burdened
will be extradited again if arrested in another country. he pleaded guilty in the u.s. 30 years ago for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> earning season is officially underway on wall street and the major defense contractor chooses its new base of operation. >>> plus, the latest conditions you'll face when you hit the road when 9 news now returns. we'll be right back. >>> jess doyle is here with today's headlines. >> on wall street investigators are waking up this morning hoping for some more gains. that could depend on a new report due out. in trading so far asian markets were mostly lower today in checking wall street. the dow stands at 10,216. the nasdaq was up almost 2. the s&p 500 was up almost a point. the winner is falls church, virginia. it's the new location for its corporate offices. workers are expected to start operations at this new site next summer. right now the global security company employees about 40,000 people in the washington area. this plan would give up to 48 hours additional time off. back to you. >> for more living smart headlines log onto our website at wusa
said it successfully placed in a cap on the ruptured underwater well that has been spewing oil. the u.s. coast guard says the cap will soon be tested to make sure it can withstand the pressure. >> high drama of a mile underneath the sea. 12 weeks into this crisis, robots finally placed a new cap on top of the leaking oil well. this is how it looked before win a million and a half gallons of oil a day were gushing into the sea. now bp must test the cap. this is the impact of the disastrous spill. tourists are shunning the beaches of the gulf coast. fishermen can't make a living. and the wildlife is suffering. >> i can't sit here and listen to all of this -- >> pressure on bp for those who lost their livelihood. >> i will lose my next house. that is what it boils down to. you are not talking about a big oil company, but little people like me and my six kids. >> we need help and i ask that you please go back and talk to the president and explain to him, we paid the price for america's thirst for energy. >> bp's most recent attempt involved lowering a cap over the oil well but tens of thous
. >>> and a missing iranian nuclear test is claims he was kidnapped by the u.s. where he said it went down and what he wants now. >>> and apple's newest smartphone went from the must- have gadget to, i'm not so sure now. why the complaints are getting louder. >>> the most famous owner of the most famous team died this morning, we'll look back on the legacy of george steinbrenner and hear from one of the most beloved yankees. the fox 5 news at 5 continues. . d t tos this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. >> a missing nuclear scientist from iran has turned up here in the district. and they have reportedly taken refuge at the pakistani embassy compound. there is conflicting reports of how he got there. iranian
get in exchange for appointing particular people to the u.s. senate seat vacated by president obama. joining us to talk more about the case is our legal analyst, terry sullivan. terry, what do you think, will the judge grant that extra time? >> it's hard to say. and you can never second-guess judge zagel. it wouldn't be a betting man's thing to do. what judge said now is that if he is going to -- if the government rests today he willet the jury go home until monday. maybe he has give an precursor that is as much time as he will give which is five days. it's hard to believe that the government will rest today, but they may in light of what the judge said. doesn't sounds like he is inclined to grant a week's continuance. >>> how key is the testimony? >> he is an important witness in the prosecution's case because he goes with governor blagojevich for a long period of time. basically from 2003 through 2008. and he is a lobbyist. so he doesn't necessarily come across as the cleanest person in the world. he is trying to make money for his clients and he is trying to get them on board is
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-term election year, bipartisan resistance moving detainees to the u.s. >> in a statement today, aclu called on the administration to end the indecision and send the 9/11 suspects to federal court. acl spokesman says the administration should, "not retreat" to the military commissions because of politicians. bret? >> thank you. >> bret: the government is making it easier for veterans to receive benefits for post traumatic stress disorder. the new policy allows veterans to qualify with a doctor's diagnosis. in the past, applicants had to provide detail information of specific combat incidents. the head of the new black panthers praises the most wanted terrorists. jesse jackson has interesting jesse jackson has interesting things to say about @ i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick >>> >> now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. civil rights activist jesse jackson says cleveland cavaliers' owner dan gilbert sees lebron james as run away slave for leaving town to play for the heat. he was highly critical of james in an ope
is pleading the fifth. the u.s. coast guard says the worker was piloting the tugboat when it slammed into the boat. the duck boat's crew radio and distress boat to the tug received no response. other people said they heard the distress calls. it forced 37 people into the delaware river and two were killed. >>> a homeowner decides to redirect its house with spray paint and the neighbors are none too happy with the new decor. >>> and i'm topper shutt. we stepped outside. we're kind of in between thunderstorms. we'll take up out with the wakeup weather. muggy to start. temps in the 70s. showers and thunderstorms will be possible. it looks like wet roads in the morning. we'll talk about whether or not you'll have wet roads in the evening and when the heat returns. >>> water main breaks are cause for concern when dc deals with some of the oldest in the region. how this may affect your pocket book. that is coming up next. i think everything tastes better in the summer. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits an
president fidel castro has written over the last weeks and months blasting the u.s. for its foreign policy predicting a potential nuclear war between iran, united states and israel. and what we saw last night was the tv version of some of these columns. he's become sort of a blogger in chief, columnist in chief after stepping down in 2006 when he grew ill. then handing over the reins to his younger brother, raul. but what's interesting about all the timing of this, and it comes on the heels of one of the biggest -- or the biggest political prisoner release in over a decade. 5 political prisoners are set to be released in the course of the next three to four months. first group of which are en route to spain at this very moment. and so cuba's making headlines without this news. what's interesting is fidel coming on state television, making headlines again around the world. but things here in cuba unearthed very serious domestic issues that are taking place. fidel choosing to speak about international issues. >> david, i got to ask you, most of our viewers don't speak spanish so we're just l
back to the u.s. he is accused of # 00 crimes in eight states. >>> critics kplam the full body scanners at airports are too intrusive and worried they can be harmful to your health. they use x-rays to get a full view of the passenger's body. there are 133 installed with plans for a thousand more. frequent flyers complain the machines take five times as long to pass through and the low doses of x-rays could be harmful to health in the long run. >>> well, still ahead this afternoon -- a look at traffic with ashley linder. hey, ash. >> hey, guys. we are starting you off with some slow track not very shockingly. let's look at 270, northbound on the spur past democracy boulevard. you have company. no major accidents to talk about, just a lot of congestion as we take a spin around the capital beltway, inner and outer loop stacked up. here is the pace toward connecticut avenue, the inner loop, very heavy. fear not. after, well, this really isn't exciting news, but the inner loop past university boulevard very heavy. around green belt the pace does approve. no major accidents this afternoon jus
of sustainable industries of conservation. to become what some have described as the netherlands of the u.s. if we do that we'll get the double win of saving our coast as well as diversifying our economy. i think that to the degree at the federal level we can institute programs and policies to help encourage things like coastal restoration, that make us a -- the best in the world, that's a long-term opportunity to have some good come out of this disaster. >> may i take a shot at your comments if i may? >> sure. >> please. the first thing that this could committee could do -- and your comments were right on point. there's not a lot we could do about the spill. it's in the hands of professionals. let's hope, as you said, that it gets done. make sure we get paid. i mean, it isn't any more complicated than that. i think our lose are going to be, you know, scrutinized. how do you demonstrate whether you would have been up or whether you would have been down? let's don't make it an argument or a long debate. let's give us the benefit of the doubt because i will assure you this. our claims will st
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